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In a little over 2 years, our anti-aging cosmetic line online store has grown to over 38,000 customers and has sold in excess of $5 million in product sales in the US. We are well on our way to achieving our goal of bringing our amazingly high quality beauty products to you, for a modest price.

Pretty Woman Cosmetics, is a unique ecommerce retailer that provides cutting edge, scientifically advanced topical anti aging cosmetics. The company develops unique formulations based on scientific studies that prove sufficient evidence to their effectiveness in improving the quality of human tissue.

Pretty Woman Cosmetics’ topical cream is used for the purpose of making skin look the way it used to; young and moisturized.  Skin is the largest organ in the body. Once vibrant and silky smooth, later in life becomes wrinkled an unbecoming. Pretty Woman Cosmetics products act to reverse the effects of biology and the environment, thereby making the skin look much younger in the process. The science-backed formulation of Pretty Woman Cosmetics has been shown to provide additional collagen molecules to the skin making for a much younger looking appearance.

All products that we supply come from our contracted Federal Food & Drug Administration Inspected and approved multi-million dollar facilities. All products are also all ‘GMP’ certified, meaning: ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’, which assures that each and every time, customers receive the exact same potent, and effective product blends.

Pretty Woman Cosmetics is striving to be a leader in providing the best anti-aging beauty products in the country.  Pretty Woman Cosmetics earns its reputation daily as a beauty trailblazer with its expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit in the development and marketing of beauty anti-aging cosmetic line of products.

At Pretty Woman Cosmetics beauty is in our DNA. Our revolutionary beauty and anti-aging products are defined by their unique, ever increasing assortment of products from carefully curated ingredients.  Today, Pretty Woman Cosmetics is not only striving to be a leading online retailer of cosmetics, but also a powerful beauty presence in the US market thanks to its unparalleled assortment of prestige products provided in an interactive shopping environment.

Pretty Woman Cosmetics shares our client’s love for the confidence that our products and expertise brings to their life everyday lives.

Beginning its second full year in business, PRETTY WOMAN COSMETICS is beginning to thrive and has seen extraordinary growth since its inception late 2016.  Since late 2016, the company has sold to approximately 38,000 plus on-line customers.

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